Demongate High Art Gallery

Jump Jump: The Twilight Legion
The Twilight Legion, jumping into action!

Fenrir's Story Part 1 Fenrir's Story, Part 1
Fenrir and his siblings, from the mythology of Loki's children. I've added all five of the Fenrir legend pics in wide-screen wallpaper format, 1680x1050, below.

Fenrir's Story Part 2 Fenrir's Story, Part 2
Fenrir and Tyr, the best of friends.

Fenrir's Story Part 3 Fenrir's Story, Part 3
Fenrir is tricked! And Tyr pays the price.

Fenrir's Story Part 4 Fenrir's Story, Part 4
Fenrir is cast into the Demon World, to be sealed away until Ragnarok.

Fenrir's Story Part 5 Fenrir's Story, Part 5
Fenrir returns to initiate the apocalypse, his rage consuming all.

Rosalee Siverly Rosalee
Considering how primary a character Rosalee is, I'm surprised I have more pictures of Ewan than of her. Anyway, this is a very recent semi-rushed picture of Rosalee that I put together right before the site went live, and also included in the rules. Not sure about how the fire and ice came out...

Ingo Sinnex Ingo
Another illustration for the game rules, here's shy little Ingo standing with a big old heap of books. Sort of a rush job, with a few mistakes I had to re-scan and tweak.

Ewan and Ōdachi Ewan and Ōdachi
Here's the illustration for Summoners in the game rules, Ewan himself with the shadow of Ōdachi behind him. I've been hemming and hawing about whether to include circles when Summoners do anything, since technically circles are crafted by Artificers, not Summoners, but they just look too cool. I spent a ton of time year ago, when I was working on a card- and dice-based DgH Summoner game making cool circle effects, so I want to use them.

Sister Valentine Sister Valentine
This is pretty much the first picture, aside from a little chibi, I ever drew of Sister Valentine. I spent extra time on her eyes, and had to do significant touchup throughout after scanning it.

Juno Midori Juno Midori
Quite possibly one of my favorite characters ever, Juno is a Cambion who shows up in year 3. I gave her a considerable redesign for this picture, though I'm still not decided on those ears. She originally had elflike ears, since she was created for a Shadowrun game ages ago, but then I thought a catlike appearance would be more suitable, given her powers, and also more easily concealed, since she can just keep her ears flat in her hair. Poor Juno... I'm really looking forward to introducing her in the story, though at this point that's a long way off!

Professor Foxtail Patrick Foxtail
Here's a recent shot of Foxtail I did for the game rules. I'm not real crazy about how his right arm wound up, so I tried to cover it up a bit with fire...

The Demon World, Year 3 Ewan, Rosalee and Ōdachi in the Demon World (Year 3)
This is a really old picture, and it shows in the way I did their faces. This is a bit of a spoiler, but shows Ewan, Rosalee and Ōdachi in the Demon World in year 3. I drew this for a calendar for Neil back in like 2007, and have used it for numerous other things since. This is, of course, before the uniforms were redesigned to their current forms.